An artistic stay in San Potito Sannitico allows to dive completely into the reality of the town.

You can meet different people, explore beautiful landscapes and visit inspirational locations. From the creation of its very first artistic stay, every year the town has been hosting both Italian and foreign artists, ready to leave their own sign on our territory.

The artist can catch and turn every input from the territory into a cultural product, both material and intangible. It is therefore possible to enjoy the results, such as the public works of art all around the town, but it is also possible to enjoy the sharing process. This is what happened with the social study project called #senzaditenonèlastessacosa” (Without you, it’s Not the Same), created by 90 students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.

The basic idea behind the stay is using the international language of art to reach different people, attract and involve them in an easy but efficient way. The audience, in this way, is not only the user, but it is also actively involved in the process, because it participates into the creation and witnesses the results.

In the last few years, special location were created to host people who wants to visit and live this place. The Centro Polifunzionale per lo Sviluppo del Territorio (Multi-purposed centre for regional development) was the first of its kind, a building established to host local cultural activities.

An artistic stay in San Potito Sannitico allows to exchange the artist’s creativity and the community’s energy, in a project able to connect global and local experiences.

If you want to know San Potito Sannitico, find out how to apply for an artistic stay and how to organise an artistic project. This is what you need to know:

  • The main goal is to allow artists to put the relation between citizenship and territory at the core of their works of art, giving the possibility to use “different areas” in town.
  • The artistic stay is free of charge, you just need to offer your own form of art in exchange.

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