Fate Theatre

was born to increase the cultural activities the town offers. Through theatre, the town involves its citizens in a project about knowledge and social relations. The aim is to create an audience who not only “goes” to the theatre, but also joins its productions.

This is why the people can join the workshop, to allow them to be both part of the audience and an active creator.

Theatre becomes a privileged language to strengthen the relation between citizenship and territory. This idea develops by using upgraded venues in town different than the usual theatre locations, but also by involving one of the most famous theatre companies in the territories around Naples: The Bus Theatre Company. (http://bustheatre.com)

By mixing theatre techniques and the town experience during artistic stays, San Potito Sannitico can offer this company the material and intangible locations for its performances.
The main characteristic of the Bus Theatre is movement. It is a travelling company: the double-decker bus the members of the company are travelling on is a tool and a symbol of travel but when the members of the company open it, the bus turns into a road stage!

There is a motor-driven theatre, a traveller and a departure. The tale of both a real and dreamlike travel, made of passengers and (im)possible worlds. There is the desire of challenging freedom and the limit every travel has, together with the audience met in the streets and along the road. A visionary, light and ironic tale”*

Thanks to this tight and productive cooperation between San Potito Sannitico and the Bus Theatre company, theatre gets back its community dimension and the town regains its welcoming, transformation and innovation abilities.

The first time the Bus Theatre company stopped in town was in June 2016.

Thanks to the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, the Bus Theatre company stopped his bus in the main square of San Potito Sannitico for 3 days, from 23rd to 26th of June, performing two shows:
– The first one was Sinfonia n.5 per teatro a Motore, a site-specific show created especially for this fascinating stage. It was a visual symphony based upon the fusion of different stage languages (theatre, dance, circus, street theatre and visual art), written and performed by Ilaria Cecere, Alessio Ferrara, Federica Gattei and Domenico Santo, videomapping Simone Memè, lights and sound by Giacomo Vitiello.
– The second performance was Frankenstein ‘o Mostro by the Sciarappa theatre company. It was a new musical comedy by the Posteggiatori Tristi, written and directed by Sara Sole Notarbartolo. In the performance, characters and atmospheres from Mary Shelley’s novel were mixed with the Posteggiatori Tristi’s melodies and comic sense.

The Bus Theatre company came back in town for the Christmas markets, in December 2016.

From December, 4th to 10th 2017, the Bus Theatre visited the town for its first artistic stay, in order to organize the summer tour. The company staged a free preview of its summer performance in San Potito Sannitico. What a beautiful present for our town!

The adventure continues… from April, 5th to 30th 2018, the Bus Theatre company is ready for a new, longer artistic stay.

*notes from Bus Theatre