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2019 | Rural Design Week

This year Fate Festival proposes the theme of “Rural Design” through the RURAL DESIGN WEEK and will culminate in an exhibition on these themes – created through a call to which artists, designers, architects and researchers from around the world will be invited to participate sending their works and their projects. Those selected will be exhibited (or made in situ) in “pavilions”, spread in the municipality of San Potito and in the surrounding areas.

The Rural Design concept precisely derives from this need: to develop a new gaze that interprets the territory in a dynamic way, focusing attention on the connections within an organism and between organisms. This is a gaze capable of advancing concrete planning proposals, guided by ecological and systemic criteria.

for more info visit the dedicated website: ruraldesignweek.com
stay in touch on facebook: @ruraldesignweek

2019 | Rural Design Week

All the activities of Fate Festival, from the design phase to the execution of the laboratories to the international exhibition and the collateral events that will be organized, will be inspired by the principles of sustainability, circularity of natural cycles, and all those processes that enable activation, facilitating or even maintaining the capacity of ecosystems and communities to regenerate. Therefore, the purpose of the events will be aimed at strengthening the tourist attractiveness of these territories but also at strengthening the cultural and natural capital of the Matese in a broad sense, through workshops, planning meetings and cultural events that form sensitivity and skills and offer incentives and opportunities to the plurality of subjects – young and old – who live, visit and invest in the Matese. This year’s Fate Festival program has an ambitious goal: to bring out the complexity of the resources – natural, cultural, economic – that territories, even the internal ones and “far away” from big urban centers, offer. Many of these resources, although of great value, are however little known or underutilized compared to the potential they have to affect the current productive fabric through the adoption of a systemic approach that starts from territories.

Artistic and scientific direction: Valentina Anzoise and Iain Chambers
Technical coordination: Melania Cermola