In 2015, Fate Lab created Fate Cinema, the first independent, free cinema laboratory in San Potito Sannitico, in order to develop what the territory offers.

Cinema becomes a meeting place, where people can communicate and share ideas, following the principle of “living the territory”. Linked with the Fate Lab and connected to the idea of doing, producing, evaluating and promoting, Fate cinema created a moving cinema workshop, supporting exchanges between the filmmakers joining the event and the local people.

Fate Cinema is dedicated to Italian and foreign filmmakers who want to shoot short films in the streets of the town, starring local people. In less than a week, filmmakers need to shoot their films following a specific topic, but they can choose the genre: from fiction to documentary, from musical to horror. Every corner of the town is available to shoot their scenes. Cinema experts will judge the films and each category (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Producer, Best Cinematographer, Best Sound Technician, Best Editor) will win an artistic stay in the Campania region or abroad.

Cinema spreads in the streets of our town, where all the crews are free to express their own art by discovering and recalling local history and culture, thanks to the locals’ help. What happens is a creative exchange: everyone becomes protagonist and user of what filmmakers show.

Fate Cinema is like a journey to understand and discover the territory. Every year, the event modernises by introducing new elements, but keeps the lasting connection between cinema and territory.